04.03.2020 | Interview with niemALS aufgeben e. V.

On 04 March 2020 the EDR GmbH invited Mr. Armin Strehle, the 2nd chairman of the association niemALS aufgeben e. V. for an interview. The organisation, founded in 2018, is concerned with the disease ALS, the amyotrophic lateral sclerosis - a rare and so far incurable disease of the motor nervous system.

The aim of the association is to collect funds for research and to create awareness through various activities. Especially the basic research of ALS should be supported by donations. Moreover, affected persons are helped in a targeted manner by providing aids for everyday life. In addition, niemALS aufgeben e. V. offers a platform for exchange and advice for ALS patients, their relatives and supporters.

EDR used the interview to present Mr. Armin Strehle with a donation cheque for €500. This was already the second donation from EDR to niemALS aufgeben e. V.

For the detailed interview with Mr. Armin Strehle and further information about ALS please click below.

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