08.02.2019 I Decision made: EDR in charge of pollutant remediation at New Townhall Böblingen

EDR GmbH will be responsible for project management in line with the pollutant remediation of the New Townhall of the Böblingen city administration. It is a reinforced concrete building with a curtain wall made of natural stone. The building was established in 1982.  

Its entire surface contains pollutants. Therefore, a comprehensive renovation is necessary. Until completion - likely in 2022 - the Böblingen city administration will not be located within its New Townhall building. Instead, approximately 160 employees will be relocated starting end of 2019. Inter alia in an Interim building at Konrad-Zuse-Street 90.

In addition to the pollutant remediation, further construction projects within the New Townhall should be realised. E.g. it is planned to extend workplace space and to equip the building with additional common rooms and communications areas. Furthermore, construction objectives include: barrier-free access realisation, fire protection improvements, a partial renewal of the technical facilities and energy optimisation.  

Photo: City administration Böblingen