08.06.2022 | Preliminary work for the reinforcement of the slope bridge in Donauwörth has begun

The almost 300 m long slope bridge Schellenberg in Donauwörth was subjected to an extensive structural recalculation. It was found that there are major deficits and that the bridge needs to be strengthened in several places.

In addition to the steel box girder of the superstructure, the foundations and piers of the substructures must also be strengthened. The reinforcement planned for this by means of columns, which are produced underground using the jet-grouting method (DSV columns), is demanding in terms of construction technology. This is due in particular to the installation location under the existing foundation slabs and the difficult geological conditions on the Schellenberg. To ensure that the final columns have the necessary properties, it is necessary to determine the method of construction on a test field before the actual construction. In this process, several DSV columns are manufactured in a test field between two piers of the bridge under conditions that are as realistic as possible.

EDR was responsible for the conception and tendering of the DSV test field.

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