21.10.2019 I Groundbreaking ceremony for flood protection Theuern an der Vils

In order to protect the historic town center of Theuern from a 100-year flood, the Bavarian state intends building measures in the form of dikes and walls and a pumping station. The symbolic groundbreaking ceremony at the beginning of October was attended by, among others, Vice-President Christoph Reichert, Mathias Rosenmueller, head of the water management authority Weiden, Kuemmersbruck's mayor Roland Strehl and member of the Bundestag Alois Karl.

The construction measures include approximately 315 m long dikes, 270 m long walls, a pumping station and a cross-sectional widening. The removal of the foreland ist the first step, through which the Vils river will have more flow cross section at high water and is achieved by the lower water level layers towards the center of the village. The dikes and walls will protect the buildings in the future from flooding. Surface water, which can accumulate in the hinterland behind the new protection line, is transported back into the Vils river via an diked are drainage and a pumping station.

The construction period is estimated at around twelve months. EDR GmbH - in cooperation with UTA Ingenieure Amberg - is responsible for the project planning, hydraulic calculations and site supervision.

Photo: © EDR GmbH