25.04.2022 | Opening of the Rosenstein Tunnel in Stuttgart

The inner-city Rosenstein Tunnel in Stuttgart was opened to traffic on March 26, 2022, after eight years of construction. With 1.3 km, the tunnel forms a section of the B10, passes under the zoological-botanical garden of the Wilhelma, relieves adjacent residential areas from through traffic and creates space for new green areas.

The tunnel, which consists of two individual tubes, was built primarily using mining methods in order to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Following the mined tunnel section, tunnel sections and ramp structures were built on both sides using the cut-and-cover method, including the associated service buildings.

EDR, together with Holzhäuser Ingenieur Consult GmbH, was responsible for the site management, the schedule control and the SiGeKo for this project.

The estimated costs for the construction of the tunnel amount to about 456 million euros.

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