26.07.2018 | An Article Describing the EDR Kibling Dam Project Published in the "Wasserwirtschaft" Technical Journal

The latest issue of the Wasserwirtschaft technical journal contains an article by EDR's water engineering expert, Dipl Ing Felix Eberl, describing the rehabilitation and upgrading works performed on the more than 100 year old Kibling Dam. Together with fellow authors Christoph Mexis (DB Energie), Dr Peter Muckenthaler (IB Dr Muckenthaler) und Professor Theodor Strobl (Technical University Munich), he describes the works carried out to comply latest design standards for the dam to control flood water discharge, the remediation works to the original building materials by means of grout injection and modern anti-scour measures. Particular attention was given to the water engineering and construction requirements caused by a high risk of flooding during the renovation works.

On behalf of DB Energie, EDR was, together with SSF, responsible for the basic and detail structural engineering design work as well as for the required mechanical equipment installation.

Download technical article (Wasserwirtschaft 06/2018, in English)
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Photo: © EDR GmbH