27.06.2022 | Ingérop invited to the "Ville et Mobilité" seminar

This year's VIMO seminar ("Ville et Mobilité") took place in Paris from 23 to 24 June.
About 220 colleagues from Ingérop met in the seminar hotel in the Boulonge Billancourt district for a 2-day exchange on the topics of infrastructure, mobility and urban development.
Nine colleagues from Ingérop Germany from the fields of tunnelling, geotechnics and project management took part.
About 80 % of the participants came from France (Ingérop), but also about 40 participants came from the worldwide distributed branches (Rendel, Ingérop T3, Smart 2, EDR), among others from South America, Can-ada, England, Spain, Kenya, Morocco, Montenegro, Switzerland and Mexico.
In the morning of the first day of the seminar, reports were given on current projects at Ingérop. One focus was on the Grand Paris Express metro project and the urban development on the Seine island Île Segiun on the south-eastern outskirts of Paris. Ingérop is significantly involved in the planning and implementation of these projects. Both projects were visited by the participants in the afternoon as part of an excursion. At the end of the first day of the seminar, the participants met for a joint dinner followed by a professional and private exchange with colleagues.
The second day of the seminar was followed by workshops in smaller groups on the topics of infrastructure, mobility and urban development, as well as expert presentations on outstanding projects. Moritz Bock re-ported on the extension of the U5 in the east of Munich, where EDR is responsible for the implementation planning in Lot 1 and is involved in the inspection in Lot 2. The group work in the workshops enabled a dis-cussion and exchange with the international colleagues on current issues, future opportunities and strategic goals of Ingérop. This also made it possible to learn about commonalities and differences in project pro-cessing and management and thus to obtain important information for cooperation in national and interna-tional projects.
After a very interesting, friendly and successful seminar, we are already looking forward to the next edition next year.

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